The Charles Babbage Institute, University of Minnesota

Machover was a visionary who helped develop one of the earliest computer-aided design platforms. As President of Machover Associates Corp., he was a sought-after public speaker who tirelessly championed real-time, interactive graphics displays for computers, foreseeing today’s world of scientific data visualization, rich interfaces and computer-generated film animation.

The Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota houses the collected papers of Carl Machover

Oral History – An Interview with Carl Machover (Charles Babbage Institute)

Artist Ken Knowlton’s domino mosaic portrait of Carl Machover

Carl Machover mosaic portrait, by Ken Knowlton

Carl Remembered

IEEE Computer Graphics – Carl Machover 1927-2012 – An affectionate tribute by Carl’s close colleague and friend Andy van Dam

Carl Machover, Computer Graphics Pioneer, Dies at 84

Computer Graphics Leader Carl Machover Dies at 84 (ACM obituary)

Carl Machover, Computer Graphics Pioneer, Dies at 84 (SIGGRAPH obituary)

Graphic Speak (obituary)

Eurographics – Carl Machover

People everywhere saluted his passing on Twitter:


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